Jason Powell for Tennessee District 53
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Jobs:  Tennesseans Growing Tennessee

Increasing your ability to spend grows our local economy and generates state tax revenues. The way you do that is by lowering the tax burden for each and every Tennessean. In the State House, I will make these my priorities:


  • Develop legislation that encourages our residents to buy goods and products that are created, grown, and/or manufactured in Tennessee by Tennesseans. I want to ensure that Tennesseans are able to identify local Tennessee goods and products when making purchases.
  • Lead an annual economic summit for the people of District 53 to make certain that our hard working families get the attention and resources necessary to succeed and thrive.
  • Focus on improving our in¬≠frastructure and restoring Tennessee as a place of opportunity where the rights of hard working individuals to create, maintain and compete for quality jobs are not infringed by special interests!


The tradition of Tennesseans being proud of their work at the end of the day is as strong today as it was 100 years ago.  Our people and our work ethic have always made Tennessee an attractive market for job creators.  As your State Representative, I will make sure we promote the quality of our hard work and produce sustainable results that provide quality jobs.





Education: Building Tennessee's Future

As a product of Nashville's public schools and former teacher at Glencliff and Overton High schools, I know the schools in our community very well. Building a better future for Tennessee starts in the classroom and I will fight to guarantee every child in District 53 receives an excellent education.


  • Support current teachers by celebrating their successes and retain and recruit more quality teachers
  • Explore creative and constructive solutions for improving student achievement
  • Revise the education funding formula to ensure that major school districts such as Nashville receive sufficient funding
  • Prepare every high school graduate to enter the workforce at a competitive level or to succeed in college


Let’s make our schools, colleges and universities the centers of our communities and institutions in which we take pride.





Safe and Livable Communities

One the greatest assets of the 53rd District is its people.  From our youth to our hard-working families to our seniors, the safety and security of our personal residences and our neighborhoods are important to us.  As a resident of this fine community, I will fight to protect our people and our property.


  • No problem is too small; I will work hands-on with the community. 
  • Safe roads, adequate walking opportunities, and enjoying the outdoors are expectations people should have for their communities; I will help reach those expectations.
  • Staying in touch means being available by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and more so that the people of District 53 can keep me informed and involved!





Fiscal Responsibility:  Tennessee Prioritizing Tennesseans


As a Nashvillian and a new father I can fully understand the difficulties of living within a modest budget.  Much like the responsibility I have to my family to make a financial plan and limit our spending to reach our goals, it is the duty of the State Legislature to be an excellent steward of your hard-earned money. My legislative agenda would include: 


  • Holding the Legislature accountable to Tennesseans by working to create a prudent state budget and then sticking to it!
  • Providing tax cuts in a manner that provides relief to everyone, not just a select few, in order to grow our economy.
  • Significantly reducing Tennessee's food tax.


It’s important that state legislators always understand the difficulties people of our state face in order to reduce the burden on the individual taxpayers.  I am against a state income tax, and I will work diligently to identify ways to reduce the tax burdens on all Tennesseans.